CIS Wins 2023 EBJ Business Achievement Award for Mentoring Over Sixty Small Businesses

Feb 15, 2024 | News

EBJ Business Achievement Award recognizes CIS’s mentoring of over sixty minority, women-owned, and small businesses across the nation

Ann Arbor, Michigan (February 15, 2024) —CIS is honored to receive the Business Achievement Award for Social Contribution in 2023 by the Environmental Business Journal®* (EBJ), an independent business research publication that has provided strategic market intelligence to the environmental industry since 1988.

CIS was recognized for mentoring over sixty minority, women-owned, and small businesses across the nation.

“In a year of strong growth and financial performance for the environmental industry in 2023, a number of companies set themselves apart with performance, transactions or projects that merit special recognition. With energy transition, climate resilience, and new federal programs driving business, as well as traditional environmental market drivers in infrastructure, air quality, remediation, water and wastewater, it is understandable that most companies report growing demand for environmental technology and services,” said Grant Ferrier, editor of Environmental Business Journal and chair of the EBJ Business Achievement Award selection committee. “Overcoming inflationary pressures, supply chain challenges, price & wage increases, labor shortages and general economic upheavals has almost become routine for resilient leaders in the environmental industry.”

Across the past decade, CIS, as a frontrunner in community-based partnerships (CBPs), has managed and sustained numerous projects, totaling over $450 million over 50 municipalities spanning the Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, and West Coast regions. CIS has executed the most extensive urban greening initiatives nationwide, facilitating access for local, small, and disadvantaged businesses while fostering environmental awareness within communities. CIS, through its outcome based program management of local infrastructure programs, builds local contractor capacity and outperforms their public partners’ community outreach and local disadvantaged contracting goals.

“Socio-economic impact in the communities we work in, is central to our CBP programs, and something we take a lot of pride in”, said Sanjiv Sinha, P.E., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of CIS. “We actively raise awareness about opportunities by engaging in regional minority business conferences, fairs, and outreach events. By mentoring local businesses, CIS aids in augmenting their bidding capabilities and provides back-office support through contractor supportive services, significantly impacting the local economies of the communities it serves”.

The 2023 EBJ awards will be presented live and in-person at the EBJ Business Achievement Awards banquet at Environmental Industry Summit XXII on April 02-04, 2024, in San Diego, California.

About CIS

CIS is a national leader in the development and implementation of public infrastructure solutions with a focus on improving the environmental, economic, and social condition of our nation’s infrastructure through solutions that drive local economic inclusion and equity, reduction of public risk, and increased community investment and buy-in. CIS also offers related advisory/research expertise and services on topics including One Water/nature-based solutions, climate resilience, disaster prevention, environmental equity/justice/finance, water affordability, and public trust.


About EBJ

EBJ has been published since 1988 by Environmental Business International Inc., an independent research and publishing company focused on the environmental and climate change industries. EBJ provides strategic market intelligence to executives and investors in 13 business segments of the environmental industry including environmental consulting & engineering, remediation & industrial services, water & wastewater equipment, air quality & pollution control equipment, hazardous waste management, resource recovery, solid waste management, water/wastewater infrastructure, renewable energy and environmental instrumentation & information systems.