Leading the nation in urban resilience

Working with community visionaries, we create climate-resilient cities

Since 2015, we have delivered some of our nation’s largest urban greening programs that provide access to opportunities for local, small, disadvantaged businesses, and environmental literacy for members of the community. Our business model focuses upon:

  • Delivering unparalleled economic and social co-benefits.
  • Advancing public/private collaboration.
  • Enabling financial mechanisms such as deploying at-risk capital.
  • Establishing track record and performance metrics.
  • Honoring a community’s vision of resiliency.

Water Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Contracts Awarded

work completed by local and/or minority business enterprises

Minority-owned or other small businesses mentored

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At-risk capital deployed by CIS

Great partnerships begin with great people

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Our Team

Solutions-oriented. Grounded in partnership. Focused on impact.

We are unconventional, smart, caring, big-thinking visionaries who are passionate about what we do and who we serve.

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