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Who We Are

Our Origin, Our Journey

CIS was founded by Corvias in 2013, as a solution-provider solving the complicated challenges of outdated and ineffective stormwater infrastructure. 

CIS began through a pilot program with Prince George’s County in Maryland, which became the nation’s premier community-based partnership, and has gone on to become an award-winning national model for blending environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Since then, our focus has been on a broad offering of community-centric water infrastructure solutions that are accelerated, efficient, and large-scale. And as motivated as we are to solve water challenges, we are equally interested in the opportunity to stimulate socio-economic uplift of disadvantaged communities across our nation.

In 2023, CIS was spun-off to facilitate our focus on the core services that position us as a premier environmental and climate infrastructure solutions company. We continue to seek comprehensive, creative solutions that contribute to enhanced social outcomes and mitigate risk.

Our Values

Solutions Oriented. Grounded in Partnership. Focused on Impact.


We treat people with dignity, actively listening and always considering their perspectives. As a community-focused organization, we engage with the stakeholders, integrate their viewpoints, and commit to mutually beneficial outcomes. We believe respect is reciprocal.


We commit to meeting our goals and objectives as a performance-driven, results-oriented organization. CIS welcomes constructive criticism and learning from our mistakes. We encourage our employees and partners to own their actions, take responsibility for their tasks and commit to frequent, honest communications.


Giving our employees and partners the space and freedom to make decisions, take action, express their ideas, make mistakes, and feel safe in doing so is paramount. Empowerment provides the energy for collective growth, invites innovation, and allows us to consistently move the needle within our organization, for our clients, and in the communities we serve.


We welcome the differences in people, honor individual perspectives, and provide equal access while inviting everyone to participate fully, knowing we are better together. In the communities we partner with, we strive to create opportunities for underserved businesses and provide mentorship to support their growth.


Our commitment to transparency ensures that we operate on the principle of trust, providing clarity about our actions, intentions, goals, and objectives. We welcome questions, encourage two-way communication, and believe that our sincerity will drive engagement, internally and externally.


A responsive organization sends an acknowledgment if the answer is not readily available, sets an expectation and time frame for the reply, and reacts to deadlines. We expect our people and partners to act with a sense of urgency, seek clarity on the issue, do the research, collaborate when necessary, and respond promptly.

Our Logo

The CIS logo has four elements:

  • The Arrow: Commonly known to signify direction, across different cultures it also can represent peace, love & unity.
  • The Circle: The circle is a universal symbol. It represents totality, wholeness, perfection, the self, the infinite & timelessness.
  • The Leaf: Leaves represent nature in the most literal sense because they’re a part of it, but they also symbolize growth & rebirth.
  • The Waves: They’re dynamic, never static. They also represent faith, hope, and joy even in the deepest of troubles.

Our Team

The solutions we develop are born from bold goals and are guided by our diverse collective of staff and community partners. At the end of 2023, nearly a third of CIS staff are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and nearly half are women.

Join Us

If you share our interests and passion, consider joining our team. Let’s work together.