Harley-Davidson Hub Park

Located in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s Combined Sewer System Area, the Harley-Davidson Hub Park uses an eye-catching design to capture over 225,000 gallons of stormwater. The multi-tiered landscape functions as a park that seamlessly integrates green stormwater infrastructure.

Project Details

The Harley-Davidson Hub Park demonstrates how green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) can be employed to go beyond stormwater management requirements and reclaim impervious areas to provide a high level of engagement, community building, education, and GSI visibility. The project uses bioretention systems, native landscaping, stormwater trees, and pervious pavers, and underground storage across the 3.3-acre project site to capture over 225,000 gallons of stormwater. The underground detention system at the hub’s lowest elevation regulates the outflow of stormwater following rain events.
The project also highlights the intricate financing strategies CIS leverages under the Fresh Coast Protection Partnership (FCPP). CIS provided financing in milestone payments, to be reimbursed by Harley Davidson and the FCPP at project completion.

Socio-Economic Benefits

Beyond stormwater management, the project will benefit the community by providing access to green space and improving the appearance of the area. The project area is in the 94th percentile for artificial land covering and lack of green space and has a moderate to high urban heat severity. Additionally, the area is in the 97th percentile of households at or below the poverty level and has a high social vulnerability index. The hub park is therefore anticipated to have a high social impact in the community.
The project engaged a wide contractor base to support the local contractor community and advance the development of small businesses and women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses (SWMBEs). The bid package ultimately resulted in 54% SWMBE participation, well above the 30% FCPP goal.


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