Stormwater Community-Based Public-Private Partnership Feasibility Assessment and Guidebook for the State of Washington

Lacey, Wa

Increasingly, state and local agencies across the United States are using community-based partnerships (CBPs) to overcome the challenges of implementing, financing, and maintaining green infrastructure to achieve water quality goals.

Project Scope

  • Research and Analyses
  • Scale up of GSI Program
  • Equity Considerations
  • Water Quality and Ecosystem Health
  • Private and Public Sector Partners
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Technical Assistance

CBPs hold the potential to capitalize on the strengths of public and private-sector participants to overcome budget limitations, reduce the taxpayer risks of project failure, and provide cost savings. Further, CBPs can address environmental justice concerns and efficiently provide a range of co-benefits from job creation and environmental educational opportunities to recreation opportunities.

However, CBPs may not be appropriate in all contexts. The potential for CBPs to help state and local agencies depends on state and local procurement laws, as well as the state or local agency’s specific context, goals, and objectives. Working with a team comprised of Environmental Incentives, Geosyntec Consultants, and Future Wise, CIS performed two projects to advance the use of CBP in municipalities.


The first project included a feasibility assessment, “Washington State Stormwater Community-Based Public-Private Partnership Feasibility Assessment.” The assessment was the first step in the development of a CBP pilot program for the state and identified several areas around the state where the use of CBPs for stormwater projects may be beneficial. It examined the types of permittees that are most likely to implement and benefit from implementing a CBP and provides recommendations to improve enabling conditions and facilitate CBP projects.

The second project included the development of a guidance document, “Is a Community-Based Public-Private Partnership Right for your Community? A Guide for Municipal Stormwater Managers in Washington State?” The document provides a detailed “how-to” guide for local governments interested in exploring alternatives to building and operating municipal stormwater projects. It is intended as a companion document to the feasibility assessment.


Commerce Environmental Incentives CBP3 feasibility OPT (PDF)

Report LGD Stormwater II (PDF)


Washington State Department of Commerce